We have a variety of students of all ages training together providing a safe, fun and family friendly atmosphere where students are encouraged to improve at their own rate whilst they progress through the TAGB syllabus. This allows advanced students, new beginners, adults and parents to train together alongside children.


We also hold special classes for Senior Grade students to ensure they can cover the required criteria for their Gradings. 




Our classes are designed to benefit individuals of all levels of fitness. Each class begins with a warm up session to prepare the body and mind for the class. Warm up activities can vary from traditional body weight exercises, jogging etc to team games and pad work.

Beginners are encouraged to do their best whilst staying within their skill level. Advanced students are always happy to motivate and support them.


Training within Tae Kwon-do promotes all aspects of fitness, including core strength, stamina, cardiovascular fitness, balance and flexibility.




Traditional Tae Kwon-do


Traditional Tae Kwon-do consists of :

Patterns or forms- A set of fundamental movements mainly defence and attack, set in a logical sequence to defend against one or more imaginary opponents.









Line work- practising kicks, blocks, punches and strikes moving forwards and backwards.







Set Sparring- a chance to put the basic techniques learned into action using a prearranged set of movements.












Free Sparring- All TAGB free sparring is semi contact and undertaken with full safety equipment. A points system is used. The idea is to score more points than your opponent.





Destruction- the ultimate test of power. Destruction or board breaking techniques form part of the Black Belt grading syllabus and are only practised by senior grades of 16+.



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Tuesdays- 7.00-8.00 (all grades)











Thursdays- 6.00-7.00 (juniors)

7.00-8.30 (seniors)

Plumberow Primary Academy

Hamilton Gardens












Hawkwell Village Hall

Main Road




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